For more than 82 years, Siegel Oil Company has provided Colorado with innovative lubricant solutions in an ever changing Fleet Environment.

With the recent changes in government regulations regarding the use of re-refined oils, we are reaching out to help you with Keeping it Blue™.

Siegel Oil is proud to introduce the SKY™ brand of quality Re-refined Motor Oils specifically developed to meet the governmental initiatives listed below. SKY™ 5w30 and 15w40 CJ-4, are API approved and meet or exceed the latest requirements of engine manufacturers.

A revised President’s Executive Order No.13101 (signed in 1998 titled: Greening the Government Through Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Federal Acquisition) Section 507 states that “Agencies shall implement the EPA procurement guidelines for re-refined lubricating oil and retread tires. Fleet and commodity managers shall take immediate steps, as appropriate, to procure these items in accordance with section 6002 of RCRA.”

On April 16, 2007 Governor Ritter signed Executive Order No. D0012 07 titled: Greening of State Government. Part B that this order “establishes specific goals and objectives for reducing the impact of state materials and resource management decisions. In order to further achievement of these goals, I hereby direct all departments and agencies to develop and implement materials management, purchasing, and resource management policies that minimize the impact on public health, the environment and natural resources and reduce state government expenditures”.

By using SKY™ Re-refined Motor Oils, you help our country:

• Reduce air pollutants by not burning waste oils
• Reduce the US consumption of foreign imported oil
• Conserve limited petroleum resources

Vehicles using SKY™ Re-refined Motor Oils will receive Free Oil Analysis to help monitor oil condition. SKY™ re-refined Motor Oils are available in Bulk and 55 gallon drums and are competitively priced with other Major Brand Motor Oils.