Titan Motor Oil Limited Warranty:

This is a limited warranty covering the TITAN motor oil that you have purchased from an authorized professional automotive service facility. TITAN and its manufacturers warrant its lubricants to be free from defects and will replace any TITAN lubricant that is defective. TITAN recommends that all vehicles closely adhere to the manufacturer’s suggested oil change intervals. TITAN recommends that all manufacturer’s services and intervals be followed and those services be performed on a regular basis. Should a claim be made, proof of regular service intervals as directed by the manufacturer will be required to receive any compensation hereunder. Such proof will include but is not limited to, receipts and work orders for service work performed by an authorized professional automotive service facility.

TITAN warrants that the lubricant you have purchased will protect the engine’s critical parts that are in direct contact with the lubricant including pistons, timing chains, valve stems and cam shafts. TITAN warrants only the failure of parts due to documented lubrication related failure(s) as a result of the failure of our products to perform their lubrication function. Should these parts fail during the normal operation of the vehicle after a professionally installed oil change using TITAN motor oils, TITAN will repair or replace such parts and the product to you at no charge. This limited warranty only covers the TITAN motor oils and the critical engine parts lubricated by such motor oil; provided that you maintained the vehicle in accordance with Original Equipment Manufacturer’s specifications on a regular basis with the on-going use of TITAN lubricants.

To file a claim under this Limited Warranty, you must:

contact TITAN Motor Oil within 48 hours of the engine failure at 303-893-3211;
retain at least 8 ounces of the TITAN product in failed engine for laboratory analysis by TITAN at its expense; and
not repair, replace, change oil or otherwise alter engine before TITAN and/or its agents have had a chance to inspect the damage and formulate their findings.

This Limited Warranty excludes TITAN lubricants not installed by a authorized professional automotive service facility, any mechanical or product storage error made by such facility in the installation of our products, use in mechanically deficient equipment that has a pre-existing condition, abnormal operations, negligence, abuse, alteration from original equipment manufacturers and/or situations in which the vehicle manufacturer’s lubricant requirements do not match with those of TITAN lubricants. The addition of additives, other brands of lubricants and alterations not approved by TITAN will void all warranties. Commercial vehicles are not covered by this limited warranty. Repair and replacement of equipment due to normal wear and tear is not covered by this limited warranty. Engine failure due to the presence of contaminants such as water, fuel, dirt, anti-freeze, and/or sabotage or similar conditions are not covered by this limited warranty.

The remedy provided here will be your only recovery. You will not be able to recover incidental or consequential damages. ALL OTHER WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS, WHETHER EXPRESS (EXCEPT THE LIMITED WARRANTY SPECIFICALLY MADE ABOVE), IMPLIED, OR COLLATERAL ARE DISCLAIMED BY TITAN AND ITS MANUFACTURERS. TITAN AND ITS MANUFACTURERS SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIM ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Some states may not allow limitations on implied warranties, so you may have additional remedies under law.

For more information please contact at TITAN 303-893-3211.